American Horror Story: Hotel updates New opening sequence unveiled, connections to earlier AHS stories to be revealed


FX’s new entry in its American Horror Story anthology, “Hotel,” is premiering on Wednesday, October 7.

Fans can already take a look at the opening sequence for the new American Horror Story series as FX has revealed the intro clip for the show.

According to the Movie Pilot, the 10 Commandments are flashed in neon signs in between grisly scenes of monsters and children taking place in various areas of the hotel.

There is even a scene of hotel maids wiping bloodstained walls and carpets, as well as short scenes of a monster with beautiful legs sitting on a carpet and monsters creeping out from under the bed. Each scene in the opening sequence seems to be from the viewpoint of a tenant, as each segment includes a view from the room’s peephole.

The new series will feature stars like Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Wes Bentley, Matt Bomer, Chlo Sevigny, and Denis O’Hare, among others.

The show’s creator Ryan Murphy revealed to Entertainment Weekly that American Horror Story: Hotel, which is the fifth entry in the anthology, will reveal the connections between each of the previous seasons of the show.

“They’re all connected. We’re just beginning to tell you how they’re connected. They’re all very separate but [there are] clues every season that we’re now telling you how the different worlds are intertwined,” Murphy explained.

Murphy even revealed that season 5 will feature, at least for one episode, the Murder House that figures prominently in the first American Horror Story entry, “Murder House.”

Actress Denis O’Hare, who is a returnee to the show, also revealed during an interview with TV Line that the fifth season will be similar to Season 1, as it is also set in Los Angeles.

“It feels like Season 1 in many ways … and I think it’s because we’re back in LA. You can’t help it!” she said during the interview.