American Horror Story Hotel new updates: Emma Roberts and ex-fianc Evan Peters will have minor story arc, Jessica Lange still interested in occasional appearances


The concept of American Horror Story Hotel has fans on the edge of their couches or seats these days, and with good reason. For one, it will have a hotel setting inspired by vintage hotel movies. And who does not want the creepy vibe of having haunted hotels and scary bellboys? According to Ecumenical News, this season 5 hotel setting emits the vibe of Murder House, the first American Horror Story. There will be no singing in this season but Emma Roberts is slated to return for a couple of episodes.

Design and Trend reports that Ryan Murphy confirmed this fact. Emma Roberts will be doing a story arc for American Horror Story after her pivotal role in Scream Queens. Her ex-fiance Evan Peters will also be there to join her as a villain. Peters is psyched to do this role as villain because he has been a hero in the last four seasons. Roberts and Peters dated for three years and even got engaged but amicably broke things off. They still remain friends and can work together for the show. Roberts loves the show and intends to continue appearing in it for as often as possible.

Apart from Roberts, the International Business Times also reports that Jessica Lange’s departure is not exactly a permanent one. She is still open to collaborating with Ryan Murphy for an episode or two in American Horror Story. She is currently busy with other projects but did not completely close her doors despite her departure from the show as a regular.

Previously, the show made news with the interesting cast additions, most notable of which is Lady Gaga’s inclusion in the set. People gave mixed reactions on Murphy’s casting choices but it’s a risky move worth looking into. This season is shaping up to be clearly the most interesting one to date.