American Horror Story: Hotel: new season focuses on fears within, rather than external fears; gory blood virus plot coming


The new season of American Horror Story will tackle a new kind of fear.

The new season, which takes on the title “Hotel,” will feature a Los Angeles hotel called the Hotel Cortez.

The hotel is owned by the Countess, to be played by pop star Lady Gaga, and run by Kathy Bates as the hotel manager. AHS alumni Mare Winningham and Peter Evans will also form the hotel’s crew as the Laundress and Mr. March, respectively.

Seattle Pi reported that the new hotel will take on the topic of a person’s internal fears, as opposed to the ghosts, witches and mad doctors that have been the staple in previous AHS seasons.

“What is the nightmare in your head?” actor Denis O’Hare said the Seattle Pi article.

“It’s not what’s externally terrifying. ‘What are you hiding from in yourself?’ I think that’s a pretty strong theme in this one,” he added.

However, it doesn’t mean that the show will feature a less frightening storyline this year. In fact, the article said, cast member Cheyenne Jackson admits that the new season is the one that “scared [him] the most” out of all the other AHS seasons.

At the center of the storyline is a sickness that forces the sick person to consume human blood, but it is not vampirism.

Series co-creator Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Weekly that there will be no traditional depiction of vampirism in American Horror Story: Hotel.

“There’s no capes and fangs,” he said, explaining that the sickness is really a form of hemophilia, which he described as the “ancient blood virus.”

Murphy also revealed that The Countess and her lovers, Donovan and Tristan, are suffering from the disease but he declined to explain further.

“Around the middle of the season, we sort of explore the origins of all that and her character and where [the virus] comes from,” he promised.