American Crime Story updates: Selma Blair excited by challenge of playing Kris Jenner


The upcoming TV series, ‘American Crime Story,’ is set to premiere soon on FX, as its producer Ryan Murphy shares details of the crime series.

The show, which is titled, ‘American Crime Story: People vs. O.J. Simpson,’ will have Cuba Gooding, Sarah Paulson, John Travolta, David Schwimmer, Courtney Vance, Jordana Brewster, Selma Blair and Billy Magnussen as the main cast members of the show.

According to a report on Digital Spy, the show revolves around the real life events of NFL star OJ Simpson’s infamous double murder trial, with Cuba Gooding Jr.’s playing O.J. Simpson, Selma Blair playing Kris Jenner and David Schwimmer playing Robert Kardashian.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, about her role as Kris Jenner, Blair said, “Kris is someone that is so present in our lives that you feel like you can just watch her mannerisms, but it’s from such a different time.”

Upon asking details about the plot of the first season, Blair said, “It’s not something I can really talk about because Ryan Murphy’s so mum on his scripts, but it’s a small part for me and a joy to be a part of this. I love everything Ryan does, I also love Kris. It’s good to have work in LA with someone that you think is so extremely talented.”

Although, the series follows the real life events, there’s no news on how the story will be taking its form. Murphy, has so far, opened up about a couple of main events of the series, the major part of the show remains unknown.

Speaking to USA Today, in an interview, Murphy said, “Our goal is to show you the behind-the-scenes mechanizations of crimes, stuff that you didn’t know.”

In another interview with Deadline, Murphy said, “It’s one of those stories that’s just fixed in your dreams. It’s very intense, and the reason I’m even part of it was because I’d read the first two scripts just as a fan, and I thought they were so fantastic that I wanted to help get them made. Then cut to a year later, and we’re almost done shooting the first two episodes.”

‘American Crime Story’ will air on FX next year.