AMD Radeon 300 graphic cards price for Europe release confirmed


Pricing for the AMD Radeon 300 series has been confirmed in both the United States and Europe.

According to the Venture Capital Post (VC Post), the new series of graphic cards from Radeon will carry a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) of between $107 to $389.

Based on a chart leaked by WCCF Tech, the R9 390X 8 GB and the R9 390 8 GB in the Enthusiast segment will have SRPs of $389 and $329, respectively.

On the other hand, the Performance segment cards, which is comprised of R9 380 4GB, R9 380 2GB, R7 370 4GB, R7 370 2GB, R7 360 2GB will each be priced, respectively, at $235, $195, $175, $135 and $107.

The pricing for the R9 380X 3GB/6GB cards have not yet been confirmed, the VC Post noted.

In a separate report, the WCCF Tech also leaked the confirmed European pricing for Radeon 300 graphic cards, which will be distributed by MSI, Sapphire and Gigabyte.

WCCF Tech based its report on details leaked by European website,

According to the leaked details, Gigabyte will be releasing its Radeon 300 cards beginning on Thursday. The prices for Gigabyte cards are as follows:

  • Gigabyte R9 390X 8GB Gaming G1 – 499.90
  • Gigabyte R9 390 Gaming G1 8GB – 419.90
  • Gigabyte R9 380 Gaming G1 4GB – 289.90
  • Gigabyte R9 380 WindForce 2x OC 2GB – 259.90
  • Gigabyte R7 370 WindForce 2x OC 2GB – 179.90

On the other hand, MSI will be offering the MSI R9 390X Gaming 8G, MSI R9 390 Gaming 8G, MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G, MSI R9 380 Gaming 2G, MSI R9 380 2GD5T OC, MSI Gaming R7 370 4G, MSI Gaming R7 370 2G, MSI R7 370 2GD5T OC, and the MSI R7 360 2GD5 OC on Tuesday.

Pricing for MSI graphics cards is between 139.39 to 549.90.

WCCF also said that Sapphire will start selling the Radeon 300 series in Europe beginning Tuesday. The pricing for Sapphire’s graphic cards is set between 189.90 to 549.90.