Amazon Prime's 'Top Gear' release date: Speculations point to summer or fall 2016


Fans already know that a new “Top Gear” is slated for release this year, this time under the wings of Amazon Prime.

The new show will feature the original trio, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, in a total of 36 episodes, broken down into three seasons with 12 one-hour episodes each.

To date, no official title has been revealed for Amazon Prime’s “Top Gear” but Clarkson already confirmed through his Twitter account that it will not be “Gear Knobs,” as previously speculated. However, Amazon Prime and the trio have remained tight-lipped on the actual title.

As for its release date, speculations point to summer or fall this year. Production already started around October last year, making some believe that it may debut around a year after, in October 2016.

However, there are also rumors that Amazon Prime’s “Top Gear” may be aired in the middle of summer, as the trio revealed previously that they will be unveiling something very soon. This launch is said to overlap with BBC’s “Top Gear” with new host Chris Evans, which is speculated to be either a sneak peek of the new show or the actual launch of Amazon Prime’s “Top Gear.”

To further entice fans, the new show is said to come in 4K resolution. However, fans will still have to shell out money, as Amazon Prime is charging a subscription fee of 79 or around $116 annually to be able to see the show.

Meanwhile, Clarkson posted on his Twitter page this week, “I don’t like to speak too soon but things are going very well at work.”

Although he did not explicitly say that the work is “Top Gear,” fans assumed that he is pertaining to the upcoming show. He seems to be, as his co-presenter Hammond is also participating in the interaction.

Others, on the other hand, took the opportunity to ask about the release date, but Clarkson still did not answer their queries.