Amazon deals: Cloud Drive at 92 percent discount sign-ups for only $5 this year


Amid the discounts and sales in the recently concluded Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping events, Amazon doesn’t seem like they have ran out of deals as they offer an unlimited cloud storage service for only $5.00. 

The Amazon Cloud Drive, which adopts the yearly subscription fee payment model, is offered to new and existing subscribers. What this means is that subscribers can avail of the $5 discounted price this year, but there’s no assurance whether or not Amazon will offer the same or a better deal in the years to come. 

With the Amazon Cloud Drive’s unlimited storage service, subscribers can upload an unlimited amount of data or information and can access these files anywhere through the free Amazon apps for mobiles and desktops. 

The regular price for this service is listed at $59.99. With the discounted price of only $5, subscribers are getting a 92 percent savings this year. 

According to TechCrunch, the deal is simply to promote Amazon’s own cloud storage service as it tries to compete with Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive and many more. 

TechCrunch also noted that customers who are already subscribers of Amazon Prime may opt out of this offer if they only want to back-up photos. Amazon Prime subscribers can back up unlimited photos for free. However, if they have other files to back up, such as documents or videos, then they can also sign up for the Amazon Cloud Drive. 

For current Amazon Cloud Drive subscribers who want to avail of the discounted price, Amazon is offering a refund if they are on an unlimited plan (photos only) and want to upgrade to Unlimited Everything. 

Amazon promises to never change or reduce the quality and resolution of the images that their subscribers upload to their secure servers.