‘Alien: Covenant’ release date, latest news: ‘Prometheus’ sequel earns 15 rating from BBFC

A promotional image for "Alien: Covenant." (Facebook/alienanthology)

The premiere of the sequel to “Prometheus” is just around the corner. It will hit theaters in the U.S. on May 19. Looking at the trailer for “Alien: Covenant” that was released last Christmas, things are going to get bloody and nasty.

According to a report from Den of Geek, the film received a rating of 15 from the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). A 15 certificate means that fans can truly expect “strong bloody violence, gore, strong language,” in the film. A good thing about the BBFC rating is that people will get to see more of the movie, as the film passed with flying colors without any cuts.

The latest clip of the movie teases the ship’s crew going about their usual routine. This routine includes playing poker during downtime. It can be noticed that the team was speaking to “Muthur,” the ships AI. They asked Muthur if “a planet in the known universe where a full house beats a straight flush” exists. However, the team doesn’t get any response.

The following scene involves running and shooting an unseen intruder before terraforming expert Daniels (Katherine Waterston) aks Muthur where the “thing” is. She then gets a response from the AI, saying that it is just a few meters above her.

Another teaser reveals that David (Michael Fassbender) and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) have reached their destination leading to a monumental meeting with the Engineers. The video clip is actually a prologue that takes place after the end of the film’s predecessor, “Prometheus.”

The buildup for the film began last November when 20th Century Fox tweeted an image of gruesome Xenomorph. It had the word “RUN” on top and the date “May 19” at the bottom.

Ridley Scott returns to call the shots for “Alien: Covenant,” five years after directing “Prometheus.” The first film made $400 million worldwide despite earning mixed reviews from critics. It was also Scott who started the “Alien” franchise in 1979. Additionally, he recently shared in an interview with Empire that directing movies under the genre made him happy.

“I thought I’d left science fiction for too long that I had better climb back in. ‘Prometheus’ was a great experience for me. Chasing number two, we can start evolving the grand idea,” said Scott.