'Alien 5' news, rumors: actor Michael Biehn says film is happening


James Cameron’s military science fiction horror film, “Aliens” took the film industry by storm thirty years ago with its unique storyline and amazing special effects at that time. And while there has been a couple of films all throughout these years that were in one way or another connected or linked to the events of that box-office hit starring Sigourney Weaver, nothing came close to how the first and second installments of the “Alien” franchise were received by moviegoers.

But will a rumored “Alien 5” film finally be the one that will relive the glory of the second film in the franchise?

Per Movie Web, a new installment will be joining the “Alien” movie franchise titled “Alien: Covenant.” Although this Ridley Scott prequel film is expected to haul in some money, the more intriguing prospect is another project tentatively called “Alien 5” by Neill Blomkamp. The reason why this new film should matter is because aside from the fact the Weaver confirmed her return, it also is rumored to be a direct sequel of the James Cameron film, which means it likely will ignore the events that transpired in the two films that followed, “Alien 3” and “Alien: Resurrection.”

Well, another proof that “Alien 5” is indeed in the works is actor Michael Biehn’s statement in an interview with Forbes recently, where he expressed his confidence that the film will be happening sooner or later.

“I think it would be very embarrassing to [20th Century] Fox if they don’t Sigourney the movie that she really wants to go out on…I know it’s going to happen and I know I’m going to be in it,” the actor, who played the role of Hicks in “Aliens,” said.

Quite interestingly, the first time Weaver was offered to take part in a new “Alien” film, she declined it, although the reason wasn’t clear. But when she knew that Blomkamp was directing, she changed her mind and eventually expressed her desire to make a return. Blomkamp and Weaver worked together in another science fiction film, “Chappie,” last year.