Agents of SHIELD spin-off featuring Bobbi and Hunter approved by ABC; will new show have a bounty hunter theme?


SHIELD Agents Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter will be having their own TV series in ABC.

This comes after ABC has reportedly given the green light to the project, Chinatopix reported.

The spin-off was previously reported by Deadline to have been shelved by the network when Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter were both renewed for new seasons.

Morse and Hunter, who are played by Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood, respectively, are members of Agent Phil Coulson’s team in Agents of SHIELD who were introduced last year during the second season of the Marvel show.

While reports describe the show, which MNR Daily reported as being titled “Marvel’s Most Wanted,” as a spin-off, writer-producers Paul Zybszewski and Jeffrey Bell are describing the show as an “an entirely new project solely focused on [Morse and Hunter] to continue their story.”

DNA India, citing The Hollywood Reporter as a source, described the new series as a “new take” on the two characters.

There have been no other details revealed for the spinoff, but MNR Daily theorized that, basing on the title, it could possibly have a “bounty hunter” theme, in which Morse and Hunter look for super-powered criminals.

On the other hand, there have been theories floating around from fans on what could happen to Agent Simmons after she was swallowed by the Kree monolith at the end of the Season 2 finale.

According to Movie Pilot, there are theories that Simmons could become Lash, the Inhuman judge/jury/executioner who has been confirmed to appear in Season 3 but whose actor has not yet been revealed.

The article also said that Daisy Johnson’s new group, The Secret Warriors, could possibly face-off against a new HYDRA being put together by Grant Ward, who was last seen in Season 2 contacting HYDRA members in a bid to put back the organization that was crippled by the events of Season 1.