Agents of Shield Season 3 spoilers: 'Hawaii Five-O' alum Marc Dacascos joins the cast; May confronts Andrew about the truth behind Inhuman Lash


With season three of “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D” currently rolling out in the small screen, viewers will see a new face coming in to join the cast as the tension among Agent Coulson’s spies is starting to rise.

Deadline reports that martial arts expert and “Hawaii Five-O” alum Marc Dacascos will make his debut to the show with a recurring role named “Giyera,” the agency’s new head of security. It is believed that he will showcase some of his abilities in fighting during some of the upcoming episodes.

The series has been throwing some surprises one after another, with the recent outing that the Inhuman called Lash, who has been on a mission to kill the other transformed people, is actually the psychologist Dr. Andrew Garner, Melinda May’s ex-husband.

In an exclusive preview shared by IGN, May confronts Andrew with the latter questioning the former, “What’s this all about?” To which she quips with, “I need to know, for myself. Before anyone else gets involved.”

When he nonchalantly asked her what about, “I saw your flight logs, I tracked your movements. You were within 30 miles of at least five Inhuman’s death. I pulled your medical files too. Your blood work was deleted. You thought you covered your tracks but you didn’t,” she replied.

When Andrew tried calling her on the point of their argument, May revealed that the kid from Hydra who tried to kill him was alive, “He didn’t die in that blast. I tracked him down. He told me what you did. He wasn’t lying. The look on his face, it was pure terror. What happened to you? You can tell me. Don’t lie to me.” When she tried pushing him to tell the truth, he suddenly pulled a gun on her which ends the clip.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s next episode “Chaos Theory” is slated to air on Tuesday.