'Agent Carter' season 2 news: Marvel TV Head wants people to enjoy the show even without knowing the MCU connection


Marvel is not only expanding their universe in the big screen but with a set of hit shows on TV that allow them to tap viewers at home.

One of their most popular series currently on TV, “Agent Carter,” has just come back for a second season and Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) has just moved to Los Angeles from her original base in New York. More than just a change in terms of location, Steve Rogers’ “Best Girl” will also be encountering some mysterious “supernatural” force that will have a connection to the movie side of Marvel.

In a recent sit down with media outlet IGN, Marvel TV Head Jeph Loeb shared more on what fans can expect with the show’s involvement with the Dark Force, which is a pretty significant concept in the upcoming “Doctor Strange” movie.

“I don’t know that we would call it ‘supernatural.’ As with everything that happens in the Marvel Universe, it’s very science-based,” he said.

As previously reported, the show even hired a real life physicist as a consultant to make sure that they are portraying the concepts right.

Then again, as the story evolves, there is no denying that Agent Carter will be coming to terms with something that science cannot explain which Loeb acknowledged by saying, “You’re not going to love my response, but #ItsAllConnected. That’s all I can really say. As we’ve often said, to the world at large, Marvel looks like a giant octopus that’s out to swallow the galaxy — which, by the way, we are.”

“So what’s going on in the movie division and what’s going on in the TV division is something which is constantly a state of sharing and making things work,” he continued.

In the end, Loeb reassured that when something is done in “Agent Carter,” more often than not, it is in the hopes of giving the audience a richer experience even without the knowledge that there is a greater scheme of things connected with what is happening in the show.

“Agent Carter” airs Tuesday nights on ABC.