'Agent Carter' season 2 news: Everyone bands against Whitney Frost in season finale


After figuring in a Hollywood musical-inspired dream sequence in the two-part episode “A Little Song and Dance,” Peggy’s lovelife takes a back seat to deal with more pressing matters at hand.

The show recently released the 30-second promo for the episode titled “Hollywood Ending.” If the action in the clip proves to be any indication, the finale is bound to be an explosive one.

Backdropped with ominous words of a voice over, the clip shows a montage of all the characters doing what they can to stop the main villain Whitney Frost.

“Everyone against Whitney Frost,” the voice over states. “In a season finale that will have you gasping until the last shocking second.”

According to the synopsis uploaded by TV.com, “The Season 2 finale finds everyone facing a mission they may not come back from as Peggy urges Howard Stark to eliminate Zero Matter.”

The season finale will air on ABC this March 2.

Meanwhile, the show continues to reap praises from viewers and reviewers who have gotten hooked on the Marvel franchise.

Mainly, the show was lauded for its decision to change the location to L.A., which highlighted the contrast between Peggy’s strictly business personality with the glitz and glamor of the Hollywood backdrop.

In an analysis by Hitflix writer Alan Sepinwall, he lamented that while “Agent Carter” seemed to establish its identity better than its sister show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., it hasn’t quite become the hit it was supposed to be.

“Again, I understand the business end of things, but Agent Carter is too good, and too much fun, to go away if Marvel can find any way to keep it alive. While ‘Agents of SHIELD’ keeps changing directions every six months and pausing occasionally to set up the next movie, ‘Agent Carter’ has long known exactly who and what it’s about, and how best to tell Peggy’s story. It’s a story I hope doesn’t end a week from tonight,” he said.