Adele new album release date: one-hour BBC special to show off new album


The new album from Adele is finally going to be released this year.

According to Hits Magazine, the new album, which is titled “25,” is going to hit stores beginning November 20.

After a long way, Sony finally confirmed this release date for the new album from the “Someone Like You” singer.

The new album will be revealed through a one-hour TV special on the BBC.

Adele’s fans can look forward to hearing new songs written in a new style in her third album when it comes out this year.

While Adele had been known for her “victim-to-victory” style of songwriting that tells stories of recovery after an emotionally traumatic break up, the Inquisitr revealed that Adele will be including in her album at least one track that is an “upbeat, girl power type of song.”

The BBC also reported that Kelly Clarkson confirmed hearing some of the tracks in Adele’s new album. According to Clarkson, Adele had incorporated songs written in the country style in the new album. The article also noted that Adele wanted to build an acoustic and piano-led repertoire in her latest project.

According to the BBC, Adele teamed up with other musicians in the industry for her new album. These collaborators include Blur vocalist Damon Albarn, Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, pop producer Max Martin.

Recently, songwriter Sia revealed that she had collaborated with Adele on one of the songs in her “This Is Acting” album.

According to Sia, Adele had initially wanted to include the track “Alive” in the new album.

“Adele heard [the song] and asked if she could have it… she cut it and it was so amazing,” Sia revealed in an interview with NME.

People confirmed that Adele’s name appeared on the song’s credits as co-writer, together with Sia and lyricist Tobias Jesso Jr.

The report also noted that the the lyrics for “Alive” are written in a manner similar to Adele’s previous hits.