Adele New album '25' Album Release 2015 date: Record could come out in September; Ed Sheeran says insiders have told him it's really good


Adele’s new album “25” is bound to be so epic that artists and studios are pushing back their release dates to make room for the record.

While it remains unofficial when Adele will unleash the album on her excited fans, it is expected to come out by September.

A source said that the album is now complete after Adele initially did some rewriting to make sure that the record would be on a par with her previous works, reported the Mirror.

“It was complete but she was worried it wouldn’t be as good as ’21’ and went back into the studio a few times. She wanted to release it as a surprise like Beyonce quite a few months ago but it wasn’t ready. She decided to re-write some of the material but it’s now done and will hopefully be released later this year,” the source said.

In a report by New Magazine, producer the Naughty Boy said that artists are making way for Adele because they know that fans have been waiting for her new music for a while now.

“Adele’s album is coming in September and labels have cleared their schedules because they know it’s going to wipe the floor,” he said.

Ed Sheeran, in his own interview with Capital FM said that he received rave reviews from people who have worked on the album.

“I haven’t heard [the record], but everyone I know who’ve worked on it is just like, ‘Dude… that record!’ Apparently it’s really good. She’s great, I really like her. She sent me a really nice text after the BRITs and she came down to the O2 to check out the gig and she’s been really cool,” he said.

Since her last album, Adele won an Oscar for Best Original Song for her work in Skyfall, which was a great addition to her already crowded trophy case. For her new album, she has reportedly been collaborating with Ryan Tedder, Damon Albarn, Phil Collins, James Ford and Paul Epworth, who she shared her Oscar win with.