Ad-free YouTube subscription to launch on October 22?


Enjoying YouTube without the advertisements that play before the selected video may soon come true.

In a report by Peter Kafka of Recode, YouTube is said to be finalizing the subscription plans for the ad-free version of its video streaming services. Content owners or YouTube Partner Program members reportedly received an email from the website about the new terms that will be implemented by October 22, 2015. Not agreeing to the terms will result in the videos being taken down and no longer being available in the United States for public display or monetization.

The email further states, “This service will create a new source of revenue over time that supplements your advertising revenue. That’s why an overwhelming majority of our partners representing over 95% of YouTube watchtime have asked for and signed up for this service.”

Moreover, according to the same news by Kafka, a statement from the website said, “We are progressing according to plan to provide fans more options in how they enjoy content on YouTube. We have support from the overwhelming majority of our partners, with over 95 percent of YouTube watch-time covered by agreements, and more in the pipeline about to close.?”

Likewise, Android Police reported that the subscription will cost about $10/month. It will also include Google Play Music Unlimited and all its exclusive features.

The decision from Google to offer paid subscription, according to Benchmark Reporter, could have been influenced by the increasing number of users who install ad blocking software. It is said that Google has lost billions of dollars in advertising revenue because of blocked ads.

To recoup their losses, Benchmark Reporter wrote that the website giant pays AdBlock Plus about $25 million yearly to be included in the whitelist. This lets Google’s ads reach Internet surfers through the default settings of the extension.