4 killed as jealous ex-lover goes on rampage at Pennsylvania car wash

The state flag of Pennsylvania. Wikimedia/ Jean-Pierre Demailly

Jealousy was the driving force behind the killing of four people at a self-service car wash in western Pennsylvania during the early hours of Sunday.

The shooter, who was identified as Tim Smith, allegedly gunned down his ex-girlfriend and the married man she was apparently having an affair with, along with two other people. The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. at Ed’s Car Wash in Melcroft.

The 28-year-old Smith was heavily armed when he carried out the shooting, carrying a semi-automatic rifle, a .308-caliber rifle, and a hand gun, and wearing a body armor carrier without the ballistic panels. The suspect shot his ex-girlfriend, 25-year-old Chelsie Cline, who previously broke up with him. She was with 27-year old William Porterfield when the attack occurred.

According to Jenna Porterfield, William’s pregnant wife of three months, her slain husband had spent the weekend with Cline, as the two of them were going through a rough patch in their marriage.

“I was told my husband was cheating on me with [one of the victims], and that she had broken up with her previous boyfriend two days ago, and he went crazy and shot them all,” said Jenna. Cline’s 21-year-old half sibling Seth Cline and Courtney Snyder, 23, were also killed by the rampaging former lover.

According to authorities, the suspect was the first to arrive at the car wash. He then shot William and Chelsie when they arrived and got out of their vehicle. Seth and Snyder arrived at the same time in a pickup truck and were both shot and killed while inside the vehicle.

Another woman was injured by shattered glass when she took cover in a vehicle as the shooter opened fire at the victims.

Smith is currently on life support and is not expected to survive after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.