2016 Volvo CX90: defect forces recal of almost 4,000 units


Volvo’s 2016 CX90 model has already started rolling in the market and is piling up sales, but the company has to pull out some units because of a defect that was recently detected.

The 2.0 All-Wheel Drive SUV runs on an in-line 4 cylinder supercharged and turbo charged engine. At 216 horsepower, the car’s horsepower revolution runs up to 5700 rpm, simply put fast! It runs on a 20 miles per gallon for city driving, 25 miles per gallon for highway driving, and 22 miles per gallon for combined city and high way driving. Its base model starts at $49,800.

The 2016 Volvo CX90 has already raked in huge global orders up to 57,000 units, surpassing its forecast of 50,000 units. With this, the company has to adjust the plant in Torslanda, Sweden to three shifts to meet the demand. From the external features alone, such as its sleek and luxurious design of 21-inch grill rims and still square shape of windows, similar to other luxury cars, the SUV not surprisingly makes people drool.

However, 2016 Volvo CX90 had to be recalled due to a faulty side curtain airbags which does not fully inflate in the third row of the SUV, discovered last month during the Euro New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) crash test. The D-pillars at the back, referring to the support at the back of the car between the hatch back and the rear windows, can potentially block the airbag for car crash, posing a hazard for users. No accident has been reported but the company is preparing to recall 3,911 units in the United States built from January 27 up to July 10 this year. Users will be notified at around September 4 where they can take the affected SUV to Volvo dealers to modify the D-pillars for the third row air bags. As this is a company defect, it will definitely be free of charge.