'19 Kids and Counting' news: Show may come back to TLC says channel boss; Danica Dillon blames Josh's parents for his behavior


It seems like the Duggar family is unfazed by the events that happened to them last year as the family is reportedly coming back to the television screen with “19 Kids and Counting.”

Back in January, TLC General Manager Nancy Daniel talked at the network’s panel during the Television Critics Association winter press tour about their show lineup. But as expected, she was also bombarded with questions regarding the Duggars.

“We just aired the three specials during the holidays. They did very well. The audience clearly cares about these girls.” Daniel said adding that viewership numbers were more than three million.

Given the market’s interest on the family, is the network still considering bringing back “19 Kids and Counting” on air? “We’re still talking and considering it, but we have not made a decision yet,” she answered.

Speaking of controversies, the latest one involving Duggar’s eldest Josh and an adult film star Danica Dillion recently had some interesting development. Apparently, Dillon wanted to recall the $500,000 lawsuit she filed against the reality star without prejudice, meaning she can re-file it whenever she wants to in the future.

While Dillon is waiting for the answer to her appeal, she recently spoke with In Touch magazine as repoted by Design and Trend. She said that she is blaming parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar for their son’s actions.

“Part of the problem is that Josh got away with molesting five girls without ever really getting the help he needed because of his parents’ cover-up,” Dillon whose legal name is Ashley Stamm-Northup said.

“He has obviously gotten so used to people protecting him and lying for him that he feels he should be able to get away with [anything],” she continued. “Jim Bob and Michelle [Duggar] created a monster. If Josh had received the help he originally needed then, maybe his attack on me never would have happened,” Dillon concluded.